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I did it! The EXPOSURE Concert: Because love shouldnt hurt was watched in 8 countries and almost 30 states

 Im sorry for not writing in a bit, I've been a little busy.

Last Friday, actually this very minute one week ago was kicking off a huge undertaking for me - what was planned as 50 bands and 2 stages for 2 days of music and ended up being 47 various musical acts, one stage, and 3 days, did stream live around the world to expose domestic violence and abuse.

I did it. Darn right I'm proud.

Approximately each half hour, each act came on their own nickel, performed for a half-hour and on to the next band.

It was better than I had planned. It was brought up several times; how all these bands normally would be out their own way gigging, but for these 3 days, growlers, rockers, metal-heads, R&B, hip hop and rock and rollers conjugated and were able to see each other play. Most popular bands in Western New York all together. How cool is that. Several new friends and contacts were made, club owners, lighting folks, sound folks, musicians, all complimented each other and were shaking hands. They got more gigs. Because of me. That rocks my world.

It started as an idea back in January when I announced my new non-profit called OP Music House, Inc. Since then, Ive been on most radio stations, in most of the newspapers, welcomed over the night life scene, have done some speaking engagements and invited to do more, asked to be in a music video and to help organize other events. WOW!

The more I speak out, the more stories I hear. It helps me to fill m knowledge base to help others. I write and speak to educate to eradicate domestic violence and abuse. I have been shown by the public that there is room for me, and people are listening. For that I am grateful. The cause is horrible but real, so I am addressing it right in the face.

Thank you for your support, for reading my articles, for your emails and calls, and letters. I personally read everything and hear every message. Every one means so much to me. It reaffirms the need for my voice to wake up people to say its NOT okay to look the other way and its NOT limited to gender, race, age, creed or career.

I currenly support people nationally to acknowledge people involved or who's acquaintence is involved in abuse - which is control. Remember, those who control are weaklings. Hard to imagine but its true. I am making a video of pictures I have dug out along with some other momentums to demonstrate common characteristics of abusers.

Feel free to find me online, on my facebook or blog, or website. Chin up, faith up! The feedback from the concert was so great that its already booked for next year!

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OP Music House unites local bands to play in globally broadcast concert, Exposing domestic violence

 ORCHARD PARK, NY, April 17, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The idea was announced in a Feburary, and the Facebook page was created. Now, with 1842 friendly supporters and Verizon as its first sponsor, the EXPOSURE Concert is making its way around the musical circuit.

Forty-two bands brought together by one strong voice to put forth the 'EXPOSURE Concert, Because Love Shouldn't Hurt.'

Music is the universal language, and Suzanne Perry speaks it fluently. She has been an avid fan all her life, from classic to alt rock, jazz to punk, alternative, to grunge to modern. Having endured 22 years of control and abuse, over the past 2.5 years, she has emerged from the ashes and figured out her new direction. Her love of music and the desire to help others who want to understand the 'how's and the 'why's of abuse in the home fuse together and OP Music House was founded.

The 2 day concert event will take place August 14 and 15th, 2010 at Club Paradise in Blasdell, New York. The venue is adjacent to McKinley's Hotel, where Perry encourages adults that may be consuming alcohol, to book a hotel room Saturday night, and enjoy day 2 of the concert without risking drinking and driving. Specialized wristbands will identify under age patrons as it is an all age affair with finger food, face painting, raffles, games and prizes.

The concert is a fundraiser whose proceeds will be used to secure a facility, and get a jump-start on operating costs and staff for the OP Music House, currently a work-in-progress.

ND Productions out of Tonawanda, NY was brought on board, and an interactive concert website '' will be active May 1, 2010. ND will record the event, mix and edit it down with concert-goers' photo and video uploads from the show, and then have it available for sale on DVD as a special rememberance of this first of its kind event.

The show is based on the theory that if abusers were exposed, they wouldn't do it. As an extra amplification, OP Music House and ND are streaming the show live around the world, to help everybody to expose abuse, and promote peace through music. The idea has already come up to make it an annual event.

For sponsorship or additional information, please email, call, chat or instant message.

OP Music House, Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to give young adults exposure to what's involved in "being a rock star." On-site usage of instruments, a stage/venue to enhance, stimulate and enrich their musical peforming talents, and hands-on experimenting with the recording and mixing process is provided, all free of charge as a community service. Interactive enrichment sessions will be held to raise self-esteem and bring out artistic talents. Regular guest speakers, mentors and professional musicians guide musical amateurs into the real-world industry. An emergency 24-hour hotline will also be activated.
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Trying to find my niche...

I wander the world wide web, looking for that 'perfect niche' that I know doesn't exist. I compare myself to Beatle George.  For the most of it, his material was suppressed outside of his 1-2 songs per album. After the Beatles' break-up, he was first to come out with something -- and what  a something it was! A triple album entitled 'All Things Must Pass' which I love, feel and breathe. And it blasted right to a well-deserved #1.

Since my new-found freedom, I started a telecommunication company, which is nearing its 2-year anniversary. It's NY State Certified, partnered with Ingram Micro and a Cisco select partner, and in the local and the U.S. Women's Chambers of Commerce.

Today, I am also a journalist, a photojournalist, a roving reporter, and a critic. I promote local everything as well and write everywhere.

Most importantly to me though, is I have become a friend of the local music scene - the bands, the promoters, the staging crews, the venue managers and owners and the fans. I have come out to meet them and we have literally hugged. I even hand out prizes to try and find people who may need just to know someone understands, or to be a spark of hope, and meet hundreds of people every weekend.  My friendship and fan base on Facebook exploded.  People actually care about me and what I have to say. The reason why, unfortunately, is a common ground - domestic violence and abuse.

This writing is not to mull about that. I just want to write, and can't find anywhere that it fits in tonight.  I've been writing for several blogs, columns and specialty visits, and I love to do it. I am proud that my writings get a huge following and response. My issue is I don't know what to do with it next.  I feel that I need an action item.

The EXPOSURE Concert is really getting alot of hype... I'm getting ready to launch a street crew spearheaded by my daughter, Jackie. Many of the bands have been impacted, directly or indirectly, and the cause is personal to them; so it's a full circle for so many of us. We are uniting to expose it, because that's the only way out.

My next set of goals include launching a radio show promoting stuff I think is cool, calling out the next hits in music, recommending bands that I think have "the sound," and helping people in their relationships in whatever way people want me to... funny, or drop-dead serious. I'm here for them, not for me.

I am a music historian and live melodies. I got over the fact my musical intake and exposure was stifled for 22 years only listening to classic rock... since September 2008 I left that stale arena and starting with Temple of the Dog's 'Hungerstrike', taught myself everything since, with YouTube, Wiki, searches and forums. I get it now, I'm back in the saddle, and lovin every minute of it! I have learned who Pearl Jam was and is, and have actually painted 'Alive' in my bathroom, because I didn't want the same-old dolphin or ocean theme.

Stuff I thought was off limits for me... from finding jewelry and clothes that I think are 'me'.. to traveling I find myself doing.. I've gone to help my very best friend since 1st grade out in Red Rock, Arizona, and also flew to Los Angeles, for a week, saw Laguna and Venice Beach with another friend since grammar school; companies were fly me to NYC and LA, this was amazing. I turned my business trip into a 'Peace Mission' and my friend will attest, as well as the hundreds of Facebook photos, I made tons of friends, met lots of musicians, and they have sent me really touching emails saying how they love what I'm doing. How rewarding to me. It only makes me want to go more. Reach more people. Make a difference and keep it going.

I show everything to my Facebook friends, it was really cool getting ariel pics, especially of sunrise descending over Chicago, to Eddie Vedder's 'Rise' a beautiful song featuring mandolin, a very spiritual feel. Music means so much to me. At my own house, TV has been non-existent since April, 2008. The radio is on from my waking til my sleeping moment, every single day. I keep abreast of current events by reading the news online, and overviews of my facebook friends.

I had to un-learn all the stuff that was embedded and beaten into my beliefs... and started to learn for myself, and draw my own conclusions. I find that people are pretty cool.  Ya gotta stay away from the negative, the whiney, the woa is me folks, and the drama freaks, but after a while, you learn how to pick them out. I can't believe all the amazing, positive, good people, that I have met in the past year. I've partied with tons of facebook friends virtually, which means chatting while having a few beers. Its great.  We get to know each other without leaving the house, no drinking and driving, just chilling and talking about stuff happening in our worlds.

I believe things fall apart so other things fall together, often we miss our calling because we're too busy with little crap to notice, that we don't take the time to acknowledge people, and put too much into shiny things.

Don't tell me for one minute that you can't make a difference. I am one person. I have made a difference. And it feels so good, that it's become my destiny as kooky as that sounds. I'm all for peace, music and freedom. If someone can find fault with that... then they just suck.

I care about every person because every person has a purpose, is beautiful and has promise. Too often we don't realize greatness just beyond our finger tip's reach. Once in a while, we need to let go and lie in a country field and stare at the stars. With some cool music playing in the background to fit your mood.. maybe James Taylor, maybe some Beatles.. maybe some Moody Blues.. or maybe even some Pearl Jam.. music definitely enriches... way more than TV can... TV takes us away from each other... and I believe music brings us together... oh and with that, Longview from Greenday just came on.

I hope I can find some places to post this, cuz I feel people care, but it doesn't fit under self-help, morals and values, entertainment, none of that... !?!?!? help

love you guys - Peace Priestess
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Music for hope (exposing domestic violence and abuse) is going to be heard 'round the world!

What do you get when you take 22 years of being held down, 2 years of freedom, 23 bands, two stages, two days and 1,060 supporters? You get the EXPOSURE Concert.


And we’re not done.

Yesterday was a fantastic day of progress.  I went to Page’s Paradise Island in Depew, met the raffle winner, Greg Graham of Williamsville, and presented him with the Jackson electric guitar played and signed by all of Def Leppard. OP Music House presents to winner

I followed that up with an afternoon of great food, games and glow-in-the-dark putt-putt with my kids at Page’s, and then off to an evening meeting with my Marketing and Promotions Director and a trio from a production company, to be named a little later on.

All five of us left the meeting with big smiles.

The OP Music House is still accepting bands to play a set at the EXPOSURE Concert, a two-day concert promoting peace through music. At the time of this publishing, 23 acts are confirmed. OP Music House’s cause is to expose domestic violence and abuse. The idea is - if abusers were exposed, they wouldn’t do it.

The latest? We’re goin GLOBAL!  The EXPOSURE Concert is going to stream live ‘round the world!  Just like when The Beatles, ‘All You Need is Love’ was simulcast back in 1967, but with better technology. This is a mini-Woodstock, August 14-15, in Western New York, at Club Paradise.

The bands, my staff, and I are totally stoked.

In March I’m going to Los Angeles and you will probably hear me back at home, spreading the word of the concert, the cause, and of the awesome people of Western New York.

I write to educate about domestic violence and abuse. I seek those in the dark and will stop at nothing.  I am thankful for those I have been allowed to help.

For more information please visit or call Suzanne Perry at 716.548-5013.

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EXPOSURE Concert announced: 2 days of rock to promote anti-violence in the home by OP Music House

The inception: On A Dime Installations Announces New Business

This is compacted from several publications over the last month to help convey how and why this venture has been formed.

Suzanne Perry, President of On A Dime Installations, based in Orchard Park, NY, has founded and announced two sibling companies to show promise of unity and hope for the new decade: OP Music House&ICE Cafe.

The 501(c)3 OP Music House is a nonprofit music venue and recording studio for young adults, offering a 24 hour hotline and referral service for abuse victims. It also will have motivational speakers, lessons and mentoring by local musicians and abuse professionals, and encouragement for people to express thru music, sharing the outlet to unwind, create and perform.  ICE Cafe (stands for Instruments, Coffee and Entertainment) is  an original coffee house which will be within the same proximity and will fund the OP Music House by featuring and marketing featured Western New York artisans music and food.

Perry is currently looking for a home for the new facilities.

Perry was a victim of domestic violence for over twenty years. She has been free from the violence for over two years now with her 3 children; and launched On A Dime Installations, an accredited telecommunications company in April, 2008. In mid-2009, she decided to tell her story. The response was so overwhelming, she needed an outlet and with her musically-inclined daughter, came up with the music venue and coffee house concept.

She has most recently been published inside the cover of WNY Women in Business, December 2009.

Perry says, "If there is one thing I want to represent, it is hope. I want people who feel like nobody understands, to reach out directly to me. I know how they feel and how to help them."

The hype has spread like wildfire through the social networking realm and the general public alike. Perry writes about domestic abuse as a means to educate the public, for several columns and websites.  She is a columnist for as a band, venue and restaurant critic as well as local business and local reflections. She also is the Buffalo startup business Examiner for and has drawn nearly 20% of the entire reading audience by discussing realities of business in WNY, life and death, family, priorities, spiritualism, positive thinking, and of course domestic violence and abuse; the how's and the why's.

The press release came out last week OP Music House is having an EXPOSURE Concert in August, because love should not hurt. There are already 19 bands confirmed to unite and perform to expose domestic violence. It's truly amazing and moving. The wonderful people at Club Paradise are working with us to make it a two day festival, and will add 1 or 2 outdoor stages to accomodate all the acts.  It's turning into a big deal.

Representing  music, peace, and nonviolence in the home, what a trifecta!

An excerpt from Perry's most recent Examiner article: 'I recently wrote a very powerful article, but since it was not related to my topic, I did not publish it here. Because of my following and supporters, I am linking it here. It describes how we were raised and the comparison of why in the old days, we chose to look the other way; and how people have become monsters because of limitations embedded into our minds and imposed upon us at an early age.'

From the horse's mouth:

If you Google 'suzanne perry + violence' your screen will be packed with my work; yes I am passionate about education, prevention and intervention of abuse in the home. I am not here for my own personal gain, but to help those who need it.  I live on Facebook and am a self-proclaimed photojournalist there. I post sunrise and sunset photos from my little house in the outskirts of Orchard Park, NY. 

Thank you for letting me know that you care and I am helping you, or someone you love, in some form or fashion. I will raise my voice even louder and we will expose these insecure maggots who feed their weak souls by controlling people.  My Examiner and MyBuffalo column's views and subscriptions are triple and quadrupled the area's standard. Although I didn't join until October, I have 20% of all last year's readership, so I obviously struck a nerve. That's pretty amazing.

A calendar of events is on the OP Music House & ICE Café website. Perry will be "locked up" for Jerry's Kids at Danny's South on February 23 with a bail set at $1600 to raise money for muscular dystrophy.

March 6 Perry will have a booth in the Community Marketplace & Job Fair in the Orchard Park High School from 10am-5pm. This event is sponsored by the Orchard Park Chamber of Commerce.

A golf tournament is taking place May 23 at the Rosebrook Golf Club for the OP Music House, with a portion of the proceeds to also benefit to Make-A-Wish.

Email me anytime at and always know what's up at

Rock on!, and please continue to show your support. It means the world to me. Comment and share!


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Saving money

I get coupons for restaurants and some baby stuff in the mail. I would be willing to keep them if someone wants them. Clipper magazine for Western NY places and a sample of infant formula, free advertising on either of my websites... telecommunication-related or music/coffee related.  That free advertising needs to pass a review and approval. If legit and good product or service I will help by a free link and logo.

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Understanding domestic violence, A Must-read for men.

It is a sensitive subject. It is a real subject, and it hurts. It's domestic violence, family and spousal abuse. I have a constant stream on communication with people and it's bone-chilling how prevalent it is. What may shock you is that men are abused almost as much as women
are. Here are my findings of fact by personal interviews. I do not seek agreement or argument.
Many women were or are raised the old-fashioned way: believing they are inferior to men. Women were not allowed to vote, or be in the workforce. Women were conditioned to be the caretakers, the housekeepers, the nurturers.  The woman's job was to cater to her man, regardless of her own needs. The woman of yesterday had to raise 13 kids while the husband fought a war, worked in a factory, or was at the saloon. The woman was always the glue, and was treated with little respect. The woman was to remain silent and was not allowed to voice her opinion or object. She was trained to be a wallflower without character, dependent on her man to survive. An on-demand slave, to be extreme.
By this old-fashioned standard, children were raised by the same theory. "Seen and not heard." Children had to work, hard, on the farm, or caring for 12 siblings. Never was it acceptable for a child to question a task assigned by their father. It was ok to strike a child for misbehavior. Teachers struck children in the classroom with a wooden ruler (among other items). Never disgrace your family or it was the belt.
The family unit dressed in their Sunday best because they were going to church.
Divorce was taboo, as was an unwed mother.
Times have changed. 
Monsters were created.
Often times, the children who have been the subject of humiliation by their parents grow up to hate and seek revenge against authority. The parents who thought they were doing the right thing by insisting their child was not good enough, and must do better never have actually reared a child who will wander, seeking acceptance that was never received at home. Some may have been pushed to the point of running away. Some may have turned to drugs or other negative lifestyles to escape their feelings. Some go to the point of no return and commit suicide or murder.
Women who carry the complex, whether it was being told they weren't good enough, or for other reasons are unhappy with their own selves, become monsters in a relationship and end up abusing their partners.
For most abusers, the feeling of controlling another energizes them. They will do whatever it takes to get a reaction, unfortunately they do it negatively. They mentally exhaust their partners by constant bellowing scathing insults; insisting their partner is not good enough, is a failure, is worthless. Over time, the victim is reduced to the significance of an amoeba.
As a society, we generalize that men are a burly, steadfast Tarzan. Men have feelings, too. Women are categorized as being over-sensitive when in fact oftentimes are cantankerous, vindictive beasts in the way they treat their partner. It's no laughing matter. It's true, it's real and it's wrong. Men are purported to be the tougher, stronger sex and assumed can't be subject of such torture. Nothing could be further than the truth.
What gives anyone the right to belittle or humiliate another? They take it upon theirself to be a bully. It's not okay. Get out of the relationship. You are not going to change this person because that insecurity is at the core level. Those that have lived through it will attest. Their ex partner is doing the same thing to someone else.
In an abusive relationship, there is nothing the victim can do to please their partner. And they begin to doubt their own character and worth. It's a horrible position to be in. Constantly being henpecked, insulted, even stricken by hands, feet or objects is all abuse that nobody should accept or tolerate. We stay either because we are threatened of consequences or feel we can change the person. Over time, victims become isolated and depressed.
It is very hard for victims to understand that it's not their fault. The first support I offer is to say over and over, they do NOT deserve it and it's not their fault. It is healthy to talk to a warrior from the same battle.
I believe I have been subject of every abuse by one evil creature in order to help those in an abusive relationship today, or to help those that were and want someone to talk to.
It's never ok to be hit or ridiculed.
We are all worthy of love. We can give til it hurts but should never be hurt by those we give it to.
Treat others the way you want to be treated, that is one old-fashioned theory that should never, ever be compromised.
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Checking In and saying thank you

Hi, I was checking in. The past week has been a busy and very productive one. I update the OPMusicHouse website with current events and announcements.

The most recent additions are that I am spotlighted on this week's Sound Magazine radio show on Citadel stations at 1.24.10 at 6am. It is my story about rising above domestic violence (mind you, 22 years of it), and doing good in giving back.

The more I write, the more I realize, which helps me to grow and be a better person. Being a better person to me, means making a positive impact in people's lives. Based on comments on the article about me in WNY Women in Business, I am have been an inspiration to several people. That fulfills my sense of purpose.

But I am greedy, and want to inspire more people. I feel that I suffered for all those years for a reason. The reason unfurls with every comment and feedback I get, saying that I made them smile, or feel worthwhile, or helped them to see something they didn't see before.

I feel that I was brushed off and set on my feet by God himself, and that the inner glow and burn I feel every minute of every day is His "lantern of hope" and my job is to hold it high.

Call me kooky if you will, it's my story, my belief. And I told you before that the more I talk the more I am rewarded by visions of beauty. That is the reason I don't leave the house without my digital camera. This way I can take pictures to provide the backup, so people know that I do spread good and truth.

And I'm not doing this for money. As I type I have some severely delinquent bills and I just wait for things like my water to be turned off. I have not been paid a cent for writing, and my column, for, albeit the reader subscriptions and positive vibe, owes me a total of $4. (Yes, four dollars).

What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger. Maybe I am crossing the line of faith and jumping into stupidity. I don't know. But at least if I go down, its for the right reasons. I am being the best I can be.

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I had TWINS!

had you there for a minute, didn't I?

Being the Buffalo Startup Business Examiner, who better to announce new business births in Western NY?

As of January 4, 2010, On A Dime Installations (If it carries a signal, we'll hook you up), has founded two companies: OP Music House, and ICE Cafe.

They are not identical twins.  OPMH is a boy, and ICE is a girl. They were born minutes apart and have my eyes.

I have been the rope in a tug-of-war by the Heat Miser and the Cold Miser on how I can proceed. I have accounts with both: PayPal and Google checkout. As you may know, I have an electric guitar signed by all of Def Leppard that was given to me by a former radio personality (my best friend since 1st grade), as the first raffle item. This is for the very purpose of our inception - to support and acknowledge victims of spousal and family abuse and violence.

PayPal will not allow me to sell raffle tickets, but I can accept dontations, and sell merchandise. Nobody can win anything.

Google checkout says I can't use the word 'donation' until I am approved to be 501.c.3 (nonprofit) status, which can take months. (I have the novel of paperwork prepared and I'm ready for them. I'm on file with Uncle Sam and all the appropriate parties have been informed and involved. I'm not out to haggle anyone.) The whole point of the raffle is to help raise funds to get all that set-up junk paid for and grow it from there. Google checkout's bottom line is I can sell merchandise and tickets, but can't accept 'donations'.

Hmm. Reading between the lines just got harder. I think I need a new pair of reading glasses.

Please call or email me if you are local to Western NY and want to help. I can drop off a batch of tickets, and will even let you display the guitar in your business (I will advertise for you) to help me. I advertise on facebook, and via my columns and articles.  I have a decent fan base on all 3 facebook accounts.

If you want to make a straight donation you can do so to the paypal account at

If you want to make a purchase, you can do so online at our website:

The OP Music House will be a nonprofit music venue and recording studio for young adults; offering a full referral service for victims of abuse, overseen my myself. The OP Music House will have a rotating stock of local, Western New York merchandise to promote the robust talents of our area.

ICE Cafe (stands for Instruments, Coffee and Entertainment) will be a coffee house which will occupy space within the OP Music House. Here, we can rotate home made food items that the hard-working hands of Western New Yorkers create.

The entire facility will have donated trinkets and pictures of our scenic region. We do have alot to boast.

We are currently looking for a home in the Orchard Park/West Seneca area.

Some awesome musicians have stepped up already to offer their time, services, even free performances among other items. Other local artists and speakers have indicated interest, as well as volunteers to help collect data and do whatever is needed.

It doesn't matter if we are in a recession or not; the people of this region are a hard-working class with great morals.  When we get knocked down, you'd better watch out, because we get bigger and come back in numbers. We help each other and stick together. I love the people here. If you won't stick up for each other you better run the other way, fast. Ok the proud Mama is getting all teary-eyed.

Welcome into the world, the new baby businesses of 2010, Thing One and Thing Two.  May the world welcome you with open arms, because you represent PEACE and UNITY.

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I have a hot item up for grabs - A guitar signed by all of Def Leppard!

In the name of all impacted by domestic violence and family abuse.
It was announced this fall, and now we have a hot item. It's the first item donated, by the first person that I helped to stay strong and not return to her abuser.

My best friend since 1st grade was a radio jock for years, and received this guitar from Def Leppard, in person. It was played by and signed by the entire band.

A donation of $5 gets your chance to win it. Please visit for details. Donations are secure with Google checkout. I also have a PayPal account, but they don't allow raffle ticket sales so only straight merch purchases or direct donations can go via PayPal.

The drawing will be held February 14, 2010, Valentine's Day.

I will be taking the guitar "on tour" this month to promote the fundraiser.  Donations are to get the corporation filed and obtain 501.3.c status as a nonprofit for the music venue and recording studio. The coffeehouse will be a for-profit venture.

It is very exciting!  We have already had some well-known artists and musicians step up and volunteer their time and services, and even free performances, once we are ready!  Local ties such as the Goo Goo Dolls, who have so much love and support for this area; Bob James, and a plethora of artists and musicians from all around the area currently extending to New Jersey have come forward! Volunteers and interns are starting to catch wind and come forth too!

My missions are to streamline immediate help for victims of domestic violence and family abuse, and to give young adults a safe place to come express theirselves which will have a full, confidential referral service.

I have received a phenominal response from the public and much encouragement in my work. Please read my articles as I love to write, share local photos and reviews, on my blog located here I am a writer for the Examiner, link is here  am a regular on (tied to The Buffalo News), Blog4change and my list is growing rapidly as more show interest in my motives.

Please also read my article as posted just a couple weeks ago on WNY Women...

Thank you, please help to bring this to fruition. It is SO important that people know they are not forgotten and there really is hope for them to escape being rediculed, humiliated, beaten or raped in their own home.
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